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New Hyde Park Alternative Funds

We provide fund managers and investors with a streamlined managed account experience for alternative asset investing.

About Us

  Founded in 2013, New Hyde Park Alternative Funds (NHPAF) operates Galaxy Plus, an external managed account platform (EMAP), and Galaxy Private, a fully dedicated managed account platform (DMAP).


With over 100 years of combined experience in alternative assets, we’re well equipped to support sophisticated investors.

Collaborative and Innovative

A dedicated team of best-in-class professionals work with our clients on an individual basis to meet their needs.

Focused on the Long Term

By providing a full-service infrastructure of solutions, we’re able to provide long term value for our clients.

External Managed Account Platform

Galaxy Plus

Galaxy Plus offers three fund structures: Galaxy Plus Fund, LLC, Galaxy Plus Hedge Fund, LLC, and GP Digital Assets. All structures are designed to provide investors with tools, risk management, and convenience to invest in alternative assets.

Galaxy managers undergo a thorough diligence process with principal background checks, as well as operational, structural and investment reviews.

Through our Galaxy offerings, investors enjoy a number of benefits.


A single, operationally efficient infrastructure that provides near real-time data including risk and guideline monitor, performance and return data


Flexible liquidity terms, no lock up periods or redemption fees

Affordable Fee Structure

Cost effective solution for an investor’s need for a structured product


Monitor the performance of the portfolio with robust reporting options

Dedicated Managed Account Offerings

Galaxy Private

Our DMAP product is the dedicated managed account offering for institutional investors looking to invest in alternatives. With Galaxy Private, investors enjoy the legal protections of a dedicated framework that allows them to mitigate risk.

Our Press


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Z3 Capital Joins Galaxy Plus Platform

Z3 Capital Joins Galaxy Plus Platform

Wheaton, IL, May 9, 2024 – New Hyde Park Alternative Funds, LLC (NHPAF), an independent provider offering bespoke managed account solutions to the investing community, recently added Z3 Capital SA to its list of managers on the Galaxy Plus Platform.  Z3 launched a new...

Fixing the 40: Reassembling the 60/40 Portfolio

Fixing the 40: Reassembling the 60/40 Portfolio

Key takeaways: The negative correlation between stocks and bonds that was the bedrock of diversification for the 60/40 portfolio has flipped to the positive side as inflation has been elevated. A persistent inflationary environment could continue to be challenging for...

From the CIO’s Corner: Q1’2024 Performance Review: Go Cocoa!

From the CIO’s Corner: Q1’2024 Performance Review: Go Cocoa!

The year 2024 appears to continue where 2023 left off, with economic surprises and evolving market dynamics. The economy demonstrated resilience during the first quarter of the year, continuing to avoid a recession and performing better than anticipated. Investors...

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New Hyde Park Alternative Funds, LLC, is the sponsor of the Galaxy Plus Fund, LLC; Galaxy Plus Hedge Fund, LLC; and GP Digital Assets Trust. Through the associated Platforms, New Hyde Park Alternative Funds, LLC provides access to products available to investors who meet the suitability requirements.

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