Our EMAP Offering: Galaxy Plus

Our External Managed Account Platform (EMAP), Galaxy Plus, is an operational infrastructure designed to provide investors with a managed account like experience with control and transparency in their investing strategy.


Designed for investors and advisors that want the benefits of regulatory oversight, protection, limited liability liquidity, and diversification.

The Galaxy Plus platform offers a solution that protects investor interests and provides access to vetted alternatives managers.

As an all-in-one managed account experience, Galaxy Plus provides the operational structure to make investing in alternative assets more streamlined and more efficient than other solutions. Additionally, Galaxy Plus provides a variety list of fund managers for investors to choose from, allowing a diversification of holdings and risk mitigation.

When combined with the unique benefit of being able to liquidate a portion of an investor’s holdings in a matter of days – not months or quarters – it’s hard not to see why the Galaxy Plus platform continues to be the managed account of choice for investors.


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