Our Values and Culture

In a hypercompetitive space, we stand out for our commitment to our clients, our reliability, and our best-in-class product.

NHPAF works tirelessly to provide managers the support they need and investors the peace of mind they deserve.

Excellence in everything we do

NHPAF believes in the principle of anything worth doing is worth doing well. Built on a high-level of experience and industry knowledge, NHPAF delivers extensive managed account platform services to qualified investors. We are interested in working with managers and investors that want to pursue the same level of excellence.

Commitment to our clients

NHPAF is committed to partnering with each individual manager to address their needs of effectively employing their strategy and increasing their assets under management. We work with each individual investor to provide the level of comfort and control that they require through reporting, cost reduction and oversight. We seek to anticipate the needs of our clients and address them as effectively as possible.

Growth of clients and industry

NHPAF pursues growth in all aspects of the company. We work to help managers raise assets and diversify their investors by enhancing their operational infrastructure. We want to help investors increase their investments by providing a menu of managers to choose from and consistent investment reporting to meet the investor’s needs. Our efforts focused on managers and investors needs is to help the entire alternative investments industry grow.

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330 S Naperville Rd, Suite 206, Wheaton, IL 60187
+1 (630) 566-4502

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