New Hyde Park Alternative Funds Adds Rcube Swarm Program to the Galaxy Plus Platform

Wheaton, IL, December 6, 2023 – New Hyde Park Alternative Funds, LLC (NHPAF), an independent provider offering bespoke managed account solutions to the investing community, launched the Rcube Swarm Program on the Galaxy Plus Platform last month.

Rcube Asset Management SAS (Rcube) launched the Swarm Trading Program in 2022. Cyril Castelli, CEO of Rcube, said the Swarm Trading Program was selected for inclusion on Rcube’s platform because of the “strength of its risk adjusted returns and the highly diversifying alpha it brings to investors since inception in 2019.”

The Rcube Swarm Program is managed by Rcube Trading Principal, Pan Yiannakou, an industry veteran with 25+ years’ experience as a systematic quant trader with experience as a CEO at multiple companies, including Man-Vector Ltd ($2.5bn).

The Rcube Swarm trading program was built behind the ideas of biomimicry and swarm intelligence, specifically focused on the decision-making process of ants. The Rcube team believes that the Rcube Swarm Program’s unique trading methodology allows them to find opportunities that other programs may not analyze. Yiannakou says, “Because of our methodology, we have very low correlations to everything. We have low correlations to CTAs, trend-followers, bond markets, stock markets, private equity, and real estate.”

NHPAF is excited about the addition of the Rcube Swarm trading program, which brings an experienced team and unique strategy to its Galaxy Plus Platform. Marc Lorin, Chief Investment Officer at NHPAF noted, “The unique signal generation of the Rcube Swarm trading program, technology built to mimic ant colonies, results in a return stream that is differentiated from most managed futures trading programs. We are thrilled to offer the Rcube Swarm Program to investors on our Galaxy Plus Platform, as it has historically shown to be a diversifier for portfolios composed of traditional long-only assets, like stocks and bonds, and has also been a diversifier for managed futures portfolios.”

The Galaxy Plus Fund – Rcube Swarm Master Fund (576) LLC is available on the Galaxy Plus Platform and subscription documents can be found at To view the fund’s tear sheet, please click the link:

Galaxy Plus Fund – Rcube Swarm Master Fund (576) LLC

To learn more, please contact Marc Lorin, Chief Investment Officer

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About Rcube Asset Management SAS

Rcube Asset Management is an asset manager that offers investment services to independent portfolio managers. The company offers emerging and independent managers a full set of operational, regulatory, and marketing services. Rcube is headquartered in Paris, France, and is regulated by the AMF, registered with the CFTC, and an NFA member. For more information, please visit Rcube|LinkedIn.

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